Monday, January 26, 2015

A little father and son project

I've really been blessed these last couple years when it comes to my son. I know I'm biased, but this kid, who turns 25 in a couple months it actually an awesome person. When he wants something, he will work until he gets it. But, if he can get it done without it having him spend a lot of money on it, he will go that route;) He like to fly fish and he even ties his own flies. He actually catches fish with flies that he ties! That's awesome right there! Well he was wanting a fly tying station, but a good one costs money. He asked if I could maybe build him one. I told him to show me some pictures and I'll see. I looked over the pictures, decided it was something I could do. I gathered up some scrap would in my shop and away we went!

Click the link below to see his blog post on this: