Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to kick an old mans butt!

My wife and I went over at my son's place a while back, and we played this thing called, "Xbox 360 Kinect". Never really heard of it. We played all kinds of "sports". Things like Darts, Tennis, bowling and skiing. So my wife and I thought we should get one of these for our house because it was fun and we needed to do some kind of exercise. So we got the Xbox at one Wal-Mart and the Kinect at another Wal-Mart. We got this puppy set up and was ready to play. At first we bought a lame Kinect game with sport games on it.It just didn't work to well. So I asked my son what the games were that he had. We looked at some local stores but they didn't have them, so I ended up buying and downloading those online. So once the download was done, we were ready to play! We played football, baseball and golf and it kicked our butts! I knew I was out of shape, but this was ridiculous ridiculous! So I'm hoping the more we play this maybe we will get a little better in shape!